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How to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 3456 Severity 21 State 1
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How to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 3456 Severity 21 State 1
Here we will discuss the best methods to fix Microsoft SQL server Error 3456 Severity 21 State 1 without any worries.

You are a SQL Server administrator, and, understandably, you encountered SQL database error 3456 in your career. This error or issue usually puts your database in a suspicious state. A suspicious and primary state in the database means that there is a corruption error in the database. Which cannot be online. The mentioned issue is related to Microsoft SQL Server.


The messages in different languages are the following-


Error 3456 looks like this: spid41s error: 3456, severity: 21, status: 1. 

spid41s cannot retry the logging of transaction id (#) on the page (#) in my DB (5) database. In the error message above, a severity of 21 indicates that there is a system error or a fatal error. In this state, the connection to the database may fail. This error message indicates that the error is related to LSN (allocation error), where LSN is the serial number of the record. The above hindrance is related to Microsoft SQL Server.  

Here we will discuss the best methods available for SQL Database Recovery without any hassle.


SQL Server Configuration Manager

In earlier versions of Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Configuration Manager is a supporting program for configuring SQL Server services. Since this feature is not available in some versions, we often wonder where to find optimization tools in modern SQL versions today. Server... The answer is simple-  For  Any SQL Server 2016 (13.x) or later versions of My SQL Server, please open "Computer Management" (Ctrl + X, then click "Computer Management", or run %SystemRoot% from it \System32\compmgmt. Msk), from /s). User will find the " MY SQL Server Configuration Manager", where the user can use plugins to configure local services. Users can use SQL Server Configuration Manager to change the account used by SQL Server or SQL. Server proxy services and other settings, such as B. Set permissions and configuration protocols in the Windows registry. Always use SQL Server tools (such as SQL Server Configuration Manager) to change server accounts. start or stop the service. "Hence, the user will use Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager as another function add-on and pull-on to the Microsoft Management Console program and not a separate program, SQL Server Configuration Manager will not appear as an application on newer versions of Windows.



The above mention configuration is the server configuration of the SQL server which is related to Microsoft SQL Server.


SQL Database Recovery


If one or more main SQL database files are in an inconsistent state, the SQL database is considered damaged. According to the degree of damage, the database is marked in different states. 


These conditions include -

  1. Online- If the data file is damaged during a query or other operation, the database will remain online and accessible.


  1.  Suspicious-If the database cannot be recovered when SQL Server starts, mark it as suspicious. 


  1. Waiting for recovery- if SQL Server knows. How to start recovery. However, for some reason, the database cannot be started. The Microsoft SQL Server marks as the database informatics as resumed pending. This is different from the SUSPICIOUS state because you cannot be sure that the restore will fail. Have not started.



The reason behind the suspended recovery state in SQL Server

 Some reasons for this problem are: 

  1. The database was not shut down as expected, and there was at least one uncommitted transaction during the shutdown, which will clear the active transaction log. 

  2. However, moving the log file to a new drive to resolve server performance issues eventually caused the log file to become corrupted. 

  3. Unable to start database recovery due to insufficient memory or disk space.


Restore Microsoft SQL Server Database

We often need to back up and restore as well as recover our database every day. We complete the entire process manually, which improves repeatability. On the other hand, we have SQL stored procedures here to make them automated and simple, which is useful for backing up and restoring databases. We can also run SQL jobs to start automatically.


Alternative or Professional Method

In this informatics, we are discussing the alternative and professional to short out the issue of Microsoft SQL Server. Here, you solve this server issue with the help of third-party software. The name of this software is SQL Data Recovery Tool. This software helps the user to resolve this server issue which is related to Microsoft SQL. This software is full of attractive and incredible as well as supportive features which help users to remove the above-mentioned problem.  The features such as recover and restore all complete SQL database, it has a wonderful feature is that generated log files automatically, etc. This is one of the user-friendly as well as important software for recovery and restoring your SQL Server Database.


Bottom Lines

In the above informatics, we have discussed the two methods, first one is a manual or local method while the second one is an alternative or professional method. Both the methods have their own means. The first one is a little bit complex while the second one removes its complexity. So, I hope these informatics help you to resolve all the issue regarding the Microsoft SQL Server.

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