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Things to Check Before You Purchase Corrections Restraint Chair

Things to Check Before You Purchase Corrections Restraint Chair
The modern correctional restraint chair has become quite popular as one of the most effective means to control combative and self-destructive prisoners.

Handling an inmate is challenging not because of their criminal record, but because of their social and cultural disintegration. Spending year after year in jail often brings about a drastic change in an individual’s overall psychic pattern. The isolation, inadequate training, rough and rude handling, and above all, fear of other inmates often cause significant damage to the psychic landscape.

Maybe, violent behavior is the result of all these things. Or, possibly, some other factors might be associated with it. Whatever the reason might be, controlling any inmate or detainee without having them appropriately seated can be quite risky. A quick visit to the local jail will make the scene transparent. To help the staff control such inmates and detainees and reduce the risk of physical injury and harm, choosing the right corrections restraint chair is necessary.

SoftGuard Psychiatric Safety Restraint Chair

SoftGuard Psychiatric Safety Restraint Chair

Usually, there are two types of restraint chairs - one is black plastic with recessed area for handcuffs in the back, and the other is gray vinyl, which looks padded, featuring black armrests with straps on them, shoulder and leg straps, and big wheels in back.

The fact that there are several restraint chairs on the market makes it often difficult for correctional authorities to choose the right system. You must be asking some fundamental questions when you evaluate a restraint chair based on the ability to sanitize it, the ease of application, its durability, and the ability to keep the prisoner secure. Check out other sources and make a list of questions to make the right decision.

For instance, check out whether the prisoners get adequate support or not. Can the inmate’s head be forced backward, intentionally or unintentionally? It is crucial to take note of that; otherwise, it would cause injury to the inmate.

The second important question you should ask is about the mobility of the restraint chair. How easy is it to move from one location to another? Remember, it’s not just about moving from one place to another. It’s also about safety and comfort. Make sure that the chair provides adequate support and comfort while preventing inmates from getting violent and making an attack. Sometimes, you may have to struggle with controlling them. However, the right correctional chair reduces the risk of physical injury and damage.

The third question deals with the stability of the restraint chair. Will it overturn during any agitated movement of the prisoner? Some of the restraint chairs are designed in a way so that prisoners can be prevented from turning it on the side.

Even though it is a matter of choice, correctional trainers are divided into two parts - while some recommend the use of the restraint chair, others don’t. Speaking of the restraint system, it comes with ample benefits as well as a shortcoming. One needs to go through them all before you finally decide whether or not you want to use restraint chairs.

SoftGuard Psychiatric Safety Restraint Chair is an efficient system intended to provide adequate support to the inmates during force-feeding or moving them from one place to another.

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