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Exams and Vaccination Boosters
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Exams and Vaccination Boosters Yearly exams are extremely important for maintaining the health and well being of your companion animal.
  • Yearly Exams and Vaccination Boosters: Yearly exams are extremely important for maintaining the health and well being of your companion animal. A complete physical exam can alert the veterinarian to potential diseases that can be prevented or treated with early intervention. AVC recommends dogs and cats receive a Distempter vaccination once a year. In addition, Rabies vaccines should be given 12 months after the puppy or kitten vaccination, and every three years after that time. Bordetella Vaccinations and Lyme Vaccinations are also available. Talk with your veterinarian to determine if these vaccinations are recommended for your pet.
  • Puppy Vaccinations: Vaccinations are a vital part of protecting your puppy against potentially life-threatening diseases therefore we recommend puppies have their first distemper vaccine at 8 weeks of age followed by two additional distemper vaccines following at about 4 weeks apart. Puppies should receive a Rabies vaccine at 12 weeks of age or older. 
    NOTE: Rabies vaccinating for dogs is required by law. Distemper (DHLPP) vaccine includes protection from the following diseases:
    • Distemper - neurologic, upper respiratory, gastrointestinal signs
    • Adenovirus – liver disease
    • Leptospirosis- kidney failure and liver disease
    • Parvovirus – vomiting and diarrheal disease
    • Parainfluenza – upper respiratory disease 
      Please note: the Leptospirosis portion of the vaccine is not included in the first puppy vaccine to decrease the incidence of a vaccine reaction.
  • Kitten Vaccines: We recommend kittens have their first distemper vaccine at 8 weeks of age with an additional distemper vaccine given 4 weeks later. Rabies vaccinations should occur at 16 weeks of age. Rabies vaccinating for cats is required by law. The distemper (FVRCP) vaccine is important in helping provide protection and preventing your kitten from getting one of these potentially life-threatening diseases:
    • Feline panleukopenia (feline distemper) – vomiting and diarrheal disease often resulting in death
    • Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) – upper respiratory disease with sneezing and eye drainage
    • Feline calicivirus (FCV) – upper respiratory disease with sneezing, eye drainage and fever
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